Mr. Traffic [USA]

Mr. Traffic was born in London, England to Jamaican parents. He moved to the United States at the age of 12. During his teenage years, he spent a considerable amount of time learning the art of Dancehall music in the Brooklyn based studio of the late Reggae icon, Sugar Minot of Youthman Promotions. During these impressionable years, he witnessed
Reggae Legends such as Daddy URoy recording music. He would later go on toimplement all of these invaluable lessons to create a unique style and delivery that cannot be replicated. Upon listening to Mr. Traffic, the first thing you will recognize is his lyrical prowess and the ease with which he incorporates both Standard English and Jamaican Patois. He is able to effortlessly bridge the gap between the Hip Hop and Dancehall cultures like no other artist can do.
His breakthrough came after being discovered by The Weedy G Soundforce Label in June 2012. His 1release “Dr Slam” went relatively unnoticed by the International Dancehall Community but positioned him as a force to be reckoned with in the Local South West Florida Dancehall scene. Mr Traffic’s secondrelease “ Budget” was immediatedly placed into rotation on WERS 88.9 FM Radio Station (#1 Urban
Station in Boston). The Music Video for “Budget” was hosted by numerous International websites, which gave Mr Traffic the exposure he was previously lacking. After which he went on to open shows for the likes of Everton Blender, Frankie Paul, Assassin, & Sean Kingston. During The Summer of 2013 “Dash Weh You Sizzors” & “Vacation” were placed into rotation on STYLZ FM Radio station (Serving Port Antonio,Jamaica). Mr Traffic’s released “Vacation” on The Gideon Label has since been aired on RETV (Serving Jamaica & the entire Caribbean).

Mr. Traffic is the prototype for a marketable crossover Dancehall Artist. Standing at 5’10”, 150 lbs., slim physique with thigh-length dreadlocks and charming looks. Mr. Traffic is a genuine showstopper and is able to customize his performance to fit almost any venue or occasion.\RasTechFilmz\TheMrTraffic1\MrTraffic