Villa Dutch [JA]

Villa Dutch, born Orville Harrison in Kingston Jamaica on March 24 to Ms Henrita Peart and Flavious Harrison was raised in a Christian home in the Mall Road community. His love for music started during his tenure at Pembroke Hall high school where friends would gather and encourage him to entertain them lyrically while rhythms were played from the knocking of a desk. He had dreams of becoming an actor professionally but could not resist the calling of music. His professional career started out as a duo which comprised of Villa Dutch and Feekez. They were introduced to Irie FM’s Disc Jock GT “the dancehall master” Taylor who then started producing songs for them. After a number of collaborations Villa Dutch decided to embark on a solo career.

The prolific singjay/song writer is known for his deliverance of conscious messages to include “born with talent” and “stronger” both produced on the GT Muzik label. Thus far he has worked with the likes of producers such as Intouch Music, Arrows Records, Vikings Productions, Armz House Records, Ice Box Records, True Royal Productions amongst a host of others. His works has earned him a lot of exposure and he has performed at some of Jamaica’s biggest shows inclusive of Sting, GT Extravaganza, Spring Break, Galiday Bounce and Saddle to the East, to name a few. He has earned street credibility by means of steady rotation of his music which is aired and televised locally and internationally. “Ready fi di whorl” and “the world revolve around us” are slangs used by the “born with talent” artiste and he is determined to take reggae music to its highest heights with his musical contribution. Using melodious composition, conscious lyrics and real life experiences to convey his message – this artist is destined for greatness.