Teacha Dee [JA]



Damion Warren (born September 21, 1980 Westmoreland, Jamaica) better known by his stage name Teacha Dee, is a Jamaican reggae singer and classroom teacher. He is perhaps known for his 2006 single “Smoke and fly” and 2007 single “smuggling weed”.

He has been a classroom teacher at the secondary level in Jamaica for ten years as of September 2010 and has also recorded his most popular songs whilst in service to the Ministry of Education Youth and Culture, Jamaican. The name “Teacha Dee” was given to him to mean a teacher that sings reggae music.

At the age of 16 he moved to Montego Bay, Saint James from westmoreland Jamaica where he attended Teachers College. In 2000 he graduated from Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College as a Trained Teacher and began to teach immediately after.

In May 2005, he entered the inaugural staging of Rising Stars a talent search competition where he was discovered by Jamaica on television. It was during this time of local popularity that he was given the opportunity to record for some major German production labels.

In 2006 Teacha Dee recorded “Life Goes on”, which was a reggae song sung in the melody of the The Beatles hit entitled “[Ob La Di]” which was released on a compilation CD entitled “First Sight Riddim” produced by Powpow movements based in Germany. That same year he recorded “Them A Play” on the “Gloria Riddim” for Dasvibes Productions also based in Germany.

In 2007 he recorded “Revolution” on the “wes Roc Riddim” for the La Familia Wes record label, “If yuh have it hard” on the “wild West Riddim” for Master j Productions both from Jamaica and “Leading cause of death” on the “Ice Ice Riddim V2″ for Rising Son Records based in Germany. His hits of the year however were, “Smuggling Weed” for Powpow Movements and “Smoke and Fly” recorded on the “Kingston Town” instrumental made popular by an Italian reggae superstar Alberto Dascola aka Alborosie.

In 2008, Teacha Dee recorded “Blaming Game” on the “True Life Riddim” for Master J Productions and “Reggae Souljahs” on the “Ilove Riddim Pt2″ for Rootdown Records based in Germany. In 2009 the recorded “The System” on the “TNT Riddim” for Dasvibes Productions.

In August 2010, Teacha Dee recorded three singles for his label entitled “Within my soul” on the “Hotbox Riddim” and “Mr. Thirteen” on the “Thirteen Riddim” and “What I pray” which is a collaboration with ‘Determine’ an artiste famous for a massive hit with Beenie Man. In June 2010 Teacha Dee accepted the Ras Tafari way of life and grew his locks.

In the summer of 2011, Teacha Dee embarked on his first European tour. Appearances include, Yaam and Insel Clubs in Berlin, Faust in Hannover, Magnapop in Krefeld, Petit Prince and Lüxor in Köln, Rude 7 in Mannheim and Kulturfabrik in Hildeshiem. The highlight of which is his appearance in Bersenbrück on the prestigious Reggaejam Festival within the dancehall tent. During this trip Teacha Dee recorded two singles, one entitiled “Ganja We love” a moombathon single produced by soulforce music and “Beat Babylon” remixed by Symbiz Productions.

In October 2011, Teacha Dee released his debut first album entitled “Reggae Souljahs: Beating Babylon With Music” which was released on his own independent label “Tenfloor Records”.

In February of 2012, Teacha Dee released his first Lovers Rock single entitled “Exclusive Song” on the Tenfloor records. In April 2012, he released “Gal Segment” featuring two of his label mates Mr. Ice and Don Tippa. In April 2012, Teacha Dee was again back in Europe much to the delight of the fans.