Grindsman [JA]

Grindsman born Joseph Green on the 28th day of the 7th month 1968 in Kingston Jamaica. Develop a love for music at the age seven, however got his first big break at the Portmore talent search, in the early 80’s recorded his first single in 1985 entitled “boysie” a commercial on television (1989). He work his first big show called fresh and beach bash was his second, sunsplash beach party was the third, just to name a few, (1990) He created history with gunchat. Sold thousands of copies in Jamaica and the Caribbean, soon after the Benz Punnany, friend back and action pack.

Earn him tours to someCaribbean islands like Antigua, Bermuda, st Vincent, st. Martin, Trinidad ,five times U.S, two time in Europe, three times in London, 1993 was the last time in London, He went underground for about three years and then decide to make some more hits, He recorded a new single on the soul rebel rhythm, for triple platinum records called “Chaka” in 2006, 2007 “Jah Love” with Jah Mason and Mysterious from Trinidad.He is now working on his debut album soon to be release, Many local producers guarantee that there are billboard hits.Coming to take reggae music to a highr level. The name of the album has not yet been decided. At this moment Grinds Man is slated to perform at Sylvania Festival in Europe, Hampton in London, Ray Wilkins in New York and in Philadelphia and California just to name a few.Grinds Man is up and ready to feed the world with music, The latest single is titled“Sell Off” on the LP&;S label. Now being managed by the young and talented Damion Knight aka Dj Reppy from Jamaica, Grinds Man career is more promissing than ever.