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Artist Bio:

International Reggae & Dancehall Entertainer Damas – born 9th December 1987 and raised in Kingston, Jamaica – is a highly ambitious entertainer and entrepreneur with a plentiful portfolio; working with some of the best producers and artists that the industry has to offer, Damas aims to uplift the lovers of Reggae music with his “true to life” conscious lyrics, which contextualize and demonstrate a combination of his life and others in the Caribbean community where he resides. Growing up surrounded by musical influences, such as Dean Fraser and Sunny Broadshaw, Damas found his love for music at a tender age, also being exposed to the sounds of a neigbouring sound system “The Mighty Emperor”, which harnested talents like Bounty Killa, Sizzla Kalonji and many more. Artists, who are today revered as co-pioneers in an era of reggae music, that has allowed for Jamaican entertainers such as Shaggy, Sean Paul and Mavado to stand predominant amongst a plateau of world stars and icons, collecting awards and accolades ranging from Grammy’s to Mobo awards.

It is with such influences that Damas embarked on his own musical journey; in 2006, after completing his studies as a business student, Christopher – Damas realized that his true passion was, for singing and performing. With his true calling now evident, Damas started educating himself in the laws and processes of the music industry; he then started to write his own lyrics – which he first vocalized to Jahnoi Nunes, engineer and producer from JAH OVA EVIL, who groomed the artist profile and voice to a maturity that would be suited for international standards of musicians and that of performing artists…. Nunes is also credited with working in the same capacity with artist such as Tifa, Lil Joe and Chronixx. Damas then performed and came first place at the Digi Idol competition back in 2007;
In 2008, Damas recorded and released his first single “Suffering” on the Moss House Productions label. The track soon got popular among the youths of the inner cities, as it was being used as a theme song for a peace initiative between rival Gangs in
Christopher A.L Williams DaMusic876© DamasTM
the suburbs of Kingston, Jamaica. During the summer of that same year, Christopher worked on the “Bomb Rush Riddim Project” – with Erup, Tanto Marijuana and the Fully Govern Group. The project was spearheaded by Joseph Mckenzie C.E.O 8Mile Productions Ja.

Over the years Damas has worked tirelessly to master his craft at recording and voice production. He has also placed a special emphasis on educating himself and others on the laws of the music industry and issues relating to the development of the artist and markets in which they operate. It clearly shows that his ambition to climb and reach his ultimate aim in life – which is to share his intertwined passion for life, love, and music with the world – is so positive that up and onwards is the only way for Damas to progress in this industry, and while doing so he has created for himself a huge fan base across Europe, USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Above all else, the faith Damas has is ever-strong and his “Rastafarian” views lives in and through the music, which are expressed in the lines of such songs as, „Rasta Love‟. With faith and his music in-hand Damas is a strong believer in giving and helping those in need. Whilst he continues to live the struggle himself, and awaits his chance of musical success, he has become an active participant in a variety of charities across the world. Damas has established his own company and brand name “DaMusic876” – which is the label under which his music and productions are being distributed to date.
According to Damas he accredits all his acheivements to the knowledge pass to him through friends, family and society.. his mission as described in his own words is to spread “ONE PERFECT LOVE AND LIGHT”

Christopher A.L Williams DaMusic876© DamasTM
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