Aska Lyrical [JA]

Vincent Anthony Glenn, is Aska Lyrical, Born in Bull Bay Jamaica.
Always writing potent Lyrics and delivering in his unique style Aska strives to make an indelible mark in the Dancehall Hall of Fame.

Having attended Kingston College, Aska embraced the motto “The Brave May But Never Yield” in everything that he does.
Growing up in the Nine Miles area of Bull Bay which boasts a strong Rastafarian community, Aska’s musical exposure has allowed him to flex in his recording of various styles from deep Roots n Culture to Hardcore Dancehall and now experimenting with Dancehall mixed with dialect Spanish which he has titled Spanglish.
There is no limit to Aska Lyrical, who says his musical mission is to influence youths worldwide with the positive message in his music.
Aska travelled to Panama in October 2010 to collaborate with Reggaeton artistes Bossy Lion, B Live, and Likle Mystic beginning his exposure to Spanish influenced music. Aska’s combination with Bossy lion “MiMi” became an instant street hit, establishing Aska on the Latino Reggaeton circuit.

Aska has recorded SPANGLISH with international Panamanian Reggaeton/Dancehall artiste Japanese. SPANGLISH has cemented Aska on the Panamanian music scene with excellent reviews from the music media.
Aska Lyrical’s constant companion is his Spanish / English dictionary as he teaches himself Spanish. Aska is quoted as saying “For every three English words I speak one Spanish thus you get Spanglish.”
“Summer League” on the “CRANK” riddim, see Jamaica versus Panama all female soccer teams square off in the music video.
The Summer League Video keep 2011 Summer Steaming hot with the cast of swimwear clad beautiful ladies on the soccer field.
Aska Lyrical latest video call Blindfolded is a gritty but uplifting tune with a positive message. Aska vision is to see the ghetto yutes unite on come out of the slum. Growing up in Jamaica, Aska understand how crime affect the community, so he want the ghetto people not to be blindfolded. The song take you on a journey through the ghettoes of Panama On Jamaica where crime and violence needs to stop.

[Tough Times Don’t Last Tough People Do]. I don’t care wat ppl say of me at the end of the day its still going to be me Real youth.
My hobbies include playing football and chat some mad lyrics. (5) siblings (1 sister and 4 brothers). One word that describes me is INDEFATIGABLE. I’m gifted with the aptitude to formulate lyrics. When it comes to music I’m efficacious. I’m very resolute and impregnable. No matter how hard any struggle is I will astound. MY NEW GOAL IS TO LEARN SPANISH.
Aska has being working in the studio laying tracks for his debut album soon to be release. Singles that already released – Party Early ft Damas, Blindfolded, Do Back, Dem Nuh Know Love, If Me Was Kartel produced by WeedyG Soundforce.

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